Friday, June 26

I Passed

….the NCIDQ that is! I am officially a licensed Interior Designer. Just five months ago I thought there would be no way I would have time to study everything I needed to pass. I had two months to study and let me tell you, it sucked! It felt like I was in college again but with a full time job. I had to bail on most of my social activities. It was a very stressful time - mainly because I like to blow things out of proportion, I’ll admit it. But then again, if I didn’t worry it would not be like me. Onto happy thoughts….I can breathe again. A goal for this year accomplished........onto the next.


Thursday, June 18


In college I narrowed down my major selection to three - Interior Design, Graphic Design and Nutrition......for reasons unknown to me I chose Interior Design. But anyway, this is a little of my graphic creativity. I love to create artwork from photos I have taking.

My boyfriend and I were just recently in LA and stayed at the Custom Hotel. I was taking a picture of this artwork in our room and noticed my reflection through the glass.


Saturday, June 13

I Am Ready!

Thoughts running through my head…..moments of inspiration consume me, I can’t let go. Finding what I have been searching for, my passion. I want to inspire and be inspired. I want to be free to create what moves me. I feel confined to this life, I need to break free. I want to feel the excitement like a child…..I am ready!