Friday, July 29

almost forgotten

 i wanted to introduce you to the next project from my long list of things to do this summer. i almost forgot about this beauty....she has been hiding away in my garage just waiting for me to show her some love :)

she was attached to a dresser i found on the side of the road. i put her away in the garage and totally forgot about her until i came across this post. i was so inspired i came home and searched for her. i'm thinking about painting her a kelly green! once finished she will be placed above my fireplace which i'm also redoing this summer. i will keep you updated on her progress. i love repurposing furniture and find joy in doing so. would you be interested in me creating a step by step tutorial?

have a wonderful weekend!

♥. b-real

Wednesday, July 20


i recently created a fun piece of artwork out of two different pieces i already had in my bedroom. i had a branch hanging from the ceiling with glass bud vases hanging from the branch on one wall and a framed key on another.... once this wardrobe found it's way into the room the branch had to move. months later i came up with this idea below and the next day went to an antique mall and found these antique door keys to hang from the branch....and that's the story of the two lonely pieces that are now very happy they have found each other. the end.

i hope everyone is having a great week so far. tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the week, thursday. i get very excited and crazy on thursday's....i guess because the weekend is right around the corner. yes i am strange and i'm ok with that.
♥. b-real

Monday, July 4


happy 4th of july! i just had the best day with family and friends and to top it off my nephew sat on my lap during the entire fireworks show :)

hope you all had an extra long special weekend and great 4th!

♥. b-real

Friday, July 1


a little tour of savannah through my camera lens.

we explored the city last weekend with our traveling buddies and had a grande ole time doing it.

♥. b-real