Friday, November 12

the wardrobe

i found this beauty in an old home downtown, she was sitting there waiting for someone to come along and give her a fresh, much needed new image:) she was in pretty bad shape and needed a lot of tlc, i was up for the challenge.


she has made herself at home in my bedroom. i have purple walls with little light in my bedroom so i wasnt able to get a good picture. i had to take the picture in a different room. the purple contrasts beautifully with the white, grey and the little surprise of peach.

i didnt repair everything on the wardrobe. i wanted a bit of her past to shine through. i left the top corner curled up and some of the existing teal that was not removed faintly shows through in a place or two. i added new door hardware and a damask grey wallcovering. the damask pattern is made with animal silhouettes....the main reason why i fell in love it. to get a better view of the wallcovering go here.

welp, on to the next project.
 hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. L-O-V-E!!!!!! What a great job you did!

  2. LOVE it. I found a wardrobe that was completely fixed up in the same look that you was actually at Southern Crossings for 159.00...a little too pricey for me. I am on the hunt for one that I can fix up like you did.

  3. Please send this (and all of your b&as) to d*s!!! You make me so jealous!

  4. I have one in my garage but I have been to chicken to start on it. May I ask what paint you used? Thanks!

  5. This is a stunning transformation. Really well done and a special piece. Sonia :)