Wednesday, November 23

happy thanksgiving

i'm having jose's parents over for dinner tonight....for the first time!!! lots to do so i will keep this short and sweet. i hope you a wonderful thanksgiving filled with lots of family and friend time.

♥. b-real

Friday, November 18

i see

i seem to keep things that i think will come back in style and that i might wear again later in life. my sister came over the other day and couldn't believe all the things i've kept from when we were young. and well and i guess my eyeglasses were one of those things. i was missing one pair, my very first pair (the little pink ones) and just found them at my parents house! collection is complete.

the evolution of my first pair seem a lot like the red ones i wear now. i can't wait for the really round glasses to come back in style....i'm totally going to rock the ones from middle school.

have a beautiful weekend!

♥. b-real

Wednesday, November 16

inspiration is flo'ing

hello there! i was super excited when i found out florence + the machine has come out with a new album!! i'm in love...she is insane. i had to post this video because it coincides so beautifully with the venetian masquerade new year's eve event i'm helping design.

this past weekend we had a workshop and made some awesome cardboard chandeliers for the event. i will share pictures soon.

♥. b-real

Thursday, November 3

masque noir - part 2

last week i showed you my image boards for masque noir. this week i would like to share mine and kelly's concept for our main area of focus, which are the nooks. there is an intimate little niche under both sets of stairs that look out into the space. we are creating a cozy place for people to come and mingle. 

above is a floor plan which shows two different seating areas. one is using existing benches that the museum has as a base and building on top to create decorative backs for a romantic little get away . the other is an informal space where people can gather. we plan to use tree stumps as stools and high back antique chairs to create an eclectic area for conversation. below are two images that we are using for inspiration.

we are also creating fun layering of textures with fabric that will swoop from the ceiling and recycled glass jars wrapped in yarn and lace that will hold candles. i will share photos and tutorials as we being to create these pieces....stay tuned.

have a beautiful weekend!

♥. b-real