Tuesday, October 26

living artfully

i drooled all over the rug company book when it was brought into our office a few weeks ago. the rugs are amazingly gorgeous but, what caught my eye most was the roomsets.....oooooolala is the only word to describe these photos below. i fell in love with this quote from the book...

"living artfully might require taking the time to buy things with soul for the home. good linens, a special rug, or a simple teapot can be a source of enrichment not only in our life but also in the lives of our children and grandchildren. the soul basks in the extended sense of time. but we can't discover the soul in a thing without first taking time to observe it and be with it for a while."
- thomas moore, care of the soul

picture on the left (rug designed by: marni) - i see myself living here! this bright airy space has a touch of modern and a twist of fun flirty colorful accents. the artwork above the sofa, the chandelier, the painted white wood floors and oh yes of course that rug brings the entire room together.

picture on the right (rug & pillow designed by: vivienne westwood) - um um umm...i love the artwork, how creative. the artwork was most definitely created with soul. the entire roomset is just perfect.

picture on the left (rug designed by: vivienne westwood) - it oozes with romance. i love the corky heart rug mixed with the old world setting. and yes that single pendant flower print shade is just magical.

picture on the right (rug designed by: paul smith) - my favorite part of this roomset is the one oddly placed piece of artwork....ahhh, perfect. i also love the mix of the classic damask wallcovering, chair rail, large wood base boards and beautiful sofa with the modern rug.

i would love to have a job where i could design roomsets like this....oh, how nice it is to dream ;).


Monday, October 25

the big 30!

i hit a milestone on friday, I TURNED 30! i am a lucky girl and i'm very thankful for my family and friends. all of the love that i was shown on my birthday only makes me want to give more back. everyday i learn new ways to give and i hope make someone feel special. does that make sense?....it does to me so i guess that's all that matters. i had a great birthday celebration with my friends, we rented a limo and had a crazy good time. i got to see my parents, jose's parents and do a little visiting with both sets of grandparents.

i'm excited and looking forward to my 30's!


Friday, October 15

just a little peek

e'm getting so close to finishing the wardrobe for my bedroom. i hope to put the finishing touches on it this weekend. one of those finishing touches is applying this wallcovering....ooolala is all i have to say. when my wolf gordon sales rep/good friend brandi showed me this wallcovering i just knew it would be perfect for the wardrobe. i love the color but most of all the damask pattern is created with animal silhouettes.....i am sold!

i hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!