Thursday, June 23


looking for a way to add a little vintage charm to your bike? check out how i repurposed this wine crate into a basket for my bike.

p.s. i can't take full credit for this awesome idea....jose bought me the wine crate for my bike a few years ago...i would say it was a combined creative effort :)

our friends asked us to join them in savannah this weekend for a little get away. i hope to take some great pictures of the city...will report back next week. hope you have a beautiful weekend!

♥. b-real

Friday, June 17

the vanity

i posted before & after pictures of my bathroom renovation two months ago but wanted to come back and create a post that focused on the vanity i refinished. so far this re-purposed piece of furniture has been a great fit. i spent several months searching for a piece that was the right size, height and had room for storage. as soon as i laid eyes on her i knew she would make the perfect vanity. i was drawn to the detailing of the apron and spindle legs. she has a romantic vintage feel with clean modern accessories.



i would like to give a big hug to papernstitch and design*sponge for showcasing my newly renovated bathroom....thank you so much.

i hope you all have a great weekend!

♥. b-real

Monday, June 6

red hott

thought i would show off my new red hott spectacles. xo.

♥. b-real

Wednesday, June 1

memorial day

despite my feelings on war i will always have the utmost respect for past and present military soldiers, my grandfather being one of them. this memorial day meant something extra special to me. we went to visit my grandfather's grave site for the first time since he was laid to rest 7 months ago. i got to share this memorable trip with my grandmother and family.

my grandpa wesche gave'em hell and i am sure he is doing the same now ♥.

♥. b-real