Tuesday, February 23

spring fever

ahh, yes...we are getting a taste of early spring. camellia's are in full bloom, azalea's are budding, daylight savings is right around the corner and the weather is ooooo so perfect.


Tuesday, February 16

i'm obsessed...

...with the smell of lavender. i want everything lavender - candles, lotion, hair product...whatever it is i love it and have to have it :) i've been eyeing this lavender plant at the grocery store for a month now, jose noticed and got it for me for v-day. now all  i have to do is keep it alive!


Sunday, February 14

valentine's day

we didn't have any plans for today and i'm starting to think sometimes those are the best days.


after brunch we took hyatt for a walk in a park close to my house,

picked a few flowers,

and while jose went to work for a few hours i was able to blog and create this banner to surprise him when he comes over tonight for dinner, dessert and the season premiere of our favorite show, the amazing race.


Monday, February 1

lovin' my blog

hello, it has been a while! i've been busy busy, i took a few weeks off of blogging to redesign my blog. still have a few little things to adjust, but for the most part i dig it. so, i'm back and ready to get crazy creative in 2010!

p.s. this was one of my most fav x-mas gifts from jose...1979 polaroid with original receipt and case!