Tuesday, February 23

spring fever

ahh, yes...we are getting a taste of early spring. camellia's are in full bloom, azalea's are budding, daylight savings is right around the corner and the weather is ooooo so perfect.



  1. beauty:)

    hey there is a "flowering tree sale" by Greenscape of Jacksonville this Saturday...every tree is 10 bucks. i think it is somewhere in san marco...google greenscape annual flowering tree sale

  2. i did- i got knock out roses! yippee! also just planted gladiolas today..cant wait for the blooms.

  3. Did I not post something earlier? Hmmmm...

    WEll, I was checking again to see if you have posted something new, what are you up to dear friend?

  4. Hey Megan, I see that you have a new blog. I can't wait to read your lovely writing.