Thursday, July 30

proud of....

The older I get the more I can see myself become my parents……a little scary yes but I also think it's beautiful. My mom is more of a friend now and we share the same interest and hobbies. I have always thought I was a bit like my dad….a little rebellious but, with age we tend to slow down, never losing that rebellion, it just matures.

The point of all this is that I’m very proud of what my parents have created for themselves and hope one day my children will think the same of me and my husband.

Last week while they were on vacation I went over to their house and took a few pictures of the greenhouse they built and the beautiful yard my mother has worked so hard to create.

Most of the greenhouse was built out of reclaimed materials they had from rebuilding the house they now live in.

This is Green as Green gets!

This greenhouse is the awesome! Exposed beams, symmetrical and aligned details - a well thought out and meaningful design.

My mom loves to tour me around her garden and yard when I come to visit. I used to think she was crazy but now I love it and find myself doing the same when I have visitors.


Wednesday, July 22

lovely mantel

I love the simplicity of the belongings found on my fireplace mantel. Crate Myrtle branches from my mother’s yard, painted gold in a blue vase offset to one side with 5 votive candles from my sister’s wedding, that expand the remaining length of the mantel. The reflection in the mirror is a piece of artwork that hangs above my sofa.

The lonely Crate Myrtle branch.


Tuesday, July 21

home is where the heart is

It has been a little over a year since I bought my first home….hmmmm, what a feeling. This place is my sanctuary, my peaceful serene – I have grown up and realized what is really important to me. My goals and dreams have been right in front of me, just waiting for the moment that I would slow down and take it all in. I love and enjoy the time I spend at home…..just me and Hyatt (my sweet doggy).


Monday, July 20

the weekend

My Saturday was a blissfully unexpected day. Riverside Art Market, yard & estate sales, a visit to a wonderful little place called Vanderleigh and than lunch & dessert at 3 Layers. Jose and I roamed around Jacksonville meeting the friendliest and most interesting people.

I purchased a basil plant & handmade planter from a friend at the art market, the bright orange trivets I found at an estate sale in Springfield and the white vanity I found on the side of the street while driving around.

On Sunday I spent all day in the yard. I potted some plants – herbs, annuals and a few Jose’s mother gave me.
My weekend was perfect, just a little too short.


Saturday, July 18


Last December I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Asheville, North Carolina on an overnight business trip. I stayed at the Chestnut Street Inn, a lovely Colonial Revival turn bed and breakfast, located in the heart of Asheville’s oldest historic district.

After a day of work, I checked into the quaint little B&B and then headed on foot to downtown. It was getting close to dark and stores were closing. Fortunately, I managed to find a few shops still open. I found this neat little store (I would love to tell you the name but I forgot it), this store was full of just about everything; books, furniture, jewelry and anything else you could think of. It looked a lot like what I would picture my dream boutique to be one day. After looking at everything more than once, I headed to The Kress Emporium, an indoor artist market with tons of homemade crafts and artwork. After an hour or so of shopping, I decided to find my way to the Laughing Seed Café, a vegetarian restaurant that my friends Lindsey and Rick recommend. YUMMY is the only word to describe the Laughing Seed. After a wonderful evening of shopping and eating, I headed back to the Chestnut Street Inn. Of course I did get a bit lost but eventually I found my way back to my cozy room. For the rest of the evening I sat in bed under the covers, watching movies while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. The next morning I woke up to a delicious breakfast cooked just for me and then began my journey back to Jacksonville.

My time in Asheville was short but well worth every second. It was everything I expected and more. It’s is a great city, vegetarian and vegan restaurants, a lively downtown, a community with a belief in local commerce, locally grown food – a small town surrounded by beautiful landscape. A place I could picture myself living one day. I believe I left part of my heart in Asheville and if all goes as planned I will be back this fall to get it.

One of my purchases while in Asheville was this string of butterflies from The Kress Emporium.

It hangs it my dining room as a reminder of my trip.

I love the colors of the butterflies. Pink is perfect in every way!