Thursday, October 22

I AM 29!

well hello and good morning. i turned 29 today....ooooo, i'm getting old! j/k. the last year of my twenties is here and i am ready! i feel like this year is going to be a good one with even more self discovery. i stayed up until midnight last night just to blow out a candle and make a wish.

well, i'm off to asheville to get cozy in a cabin with great friends and my bf. can't wait to share pictures from my trip with you. hope you have a great weekend!

p.s. jose added the blown heart, which makes this picture even more special.


Wednesday, October 21


well hello. i made a visit to my favorite vintage store to find something i could use as a planter that would fit on my window sill and spotted these.....1950's pyrex butterprint turquoise refrigerator dishes, they work beautifully!


Monday, October 12

lil love notes....

.....make me happy. i just smile when i wake up to one of these. i heart joe-see.


Friday, October 9

o. o. o.

i am so excited, i have to share! ......i did a little thrifting this afternoon and found these wonderful goodies and the best part of all, i spent under $12 for all this! YEA! i will be visiting this store quite often. hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Thursday, October 8

lil turtle

it's thursday! hope you have a great day and enjoy my lil turtle. i had lots of fun taking pictures of him. how could you ever deny a turtle with hearts....cutie!