Friday, January 27

kelly green

i just completed my first furniture renovation of the 2012!

my dear friend asked if i could refinish this dresser for her soon to be baby boy. she selected a kelly green, found these cute button knobs and left the rest in my hands. i love the finished result and from the sounds of it they do too!



the nursery that this dresser will call home is going to be so cute....she has fabulous taste and i hope to share pictures once it is complete.

have a wonderful weekend!

♥. b-real

Thursday, January 12

nye attire

happy 2012!

along with being on the mood committee for the nye event at moca i made my outfit for the event. if you remember me telling you the theme was venetian masquerade. i found a dress at an estate sale for $5...all the sequins were hand sewn, so pretty and exactly what i wanted! the only problem, it was too short. so i enlisted the help of my mom. we designed a train for the dress in a navy blue fabric. i handmade rosettes out of the same fabric to add as embellishments. and my mom made me a shawl with the fabric to bring it all together. for two women that have great ideas but are not seamstress it turned out beautiful!

i also made my mask...which was a lot of fun. i bought a mask that had a simple black fabric then i created a lace pattern on the mask by using lace and spray paint. i love this look and it was so easy. i learned this little trick from my friend kelly who did this on coasters. next, i added beads, glitter and created an asymmetrical accent out of tulle to finish the mask off.

i have a lot to share with you once i get the pictures back from the event. it turned out awesome and i'm so happy to have had the opportunity to join the mood committee and put my design skills to the test.

♥. b-real