Wednesday, September 29

fall, you are my fav

oh how i love the change of seasons. with the first day of fall last week i've been full of excitement. i'm ready to get out of these summer rags and into something cozy with lots of warm rich color. i love this picture and outfit from anthropologie's fall catalog. ooolala.

it might take a little longer for us here in florida to feel the cool breeze of fall but soon enough it will be here. i can't wait for romantic evenings cuddled by the fire, the feel of the crisp fresh air and the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven...geez i'm starting to sound old and stuff! but i can't deny it, these are the little things that make me happy.


Monday, September 20


i usually can't find exactly what i'm looking for sitting on the shelf, it takes time to find the right piece. it has to be a piece that evolves and one that i create. i love spending my free time searching for the parts to create a whole.
here are three pieces of artwork i've created for my home that happen to all involve frames.

dining room.
i took different size wooden sewing hoops, added pretty fabrics and framed them. in the larger hoop i used a fabric from a vintage table cloth that i also used on these dining chairs.
living room.
this piece is my fav. i looked and looked and wouldn't settle until i found the right size piece for above the sofa. i found this fluorescent light box while rummaging through an old house. not for sure what i was going to do with it, i later bought these flowers from chiasso and added the yellow accent paint inside the frame.

i just finished this piece. two white frames surround a peach colored key. i'm adding this same color as an accent in a piece of furniture i've been working on for the bedroom.
if you have been looking at the same colors and need a change, sometimes adding another color to the mix spices things up without having to change much :)


Tuesday, September 14

and....finally a road trip

i finally went on that road trip i had been talking about for months. myself, jose and sweet lil hyatt wandered around the carolina's for a week. we borrowed a friends pop-up camper and began our trip in table rock, SC where we went hiking and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the south carolina foothills. next we were off to fontana lake, NC, which was my favorite place. fontana lake was full of excitement and adventure, we went zip lining and  roamed around the lake on a pontoon boat. lastly, we traveled east to charlotte where we spent our last few days relaxing in the great urban escape.

some believe that standing beneath a waterfall can purify the soul. i'm not for sure if it was this waterfall or the much needed trip but i came back rejuvenated and full of life. trips like this allow a person to slow down and do a little soul searching. mother nature is amazing!

i love this picture of hyatt, it shows just how much he was loving life.

and...cheers to a wonderful trip with my two loves.
we are already planning the next one.


Friday, September 3

dinner for 2

tuesday night was mine and jose's 2 year anniversary. he took me to a quaint little bistro called 13 gypsies. we had a magical night filled with love and really yum yum food.

p.s. if you are ever in jax i would most definitely recommend eating at 13 gypsies....they were featured on diners, drive-ins and dives recently :)

hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!