Monday, September 20


i usually can't find exactly what i'm looking for sitting on the shelf, it takes time to find the right piece. it has to be a piece that evolves and one that i create. i love spending my free time searching for the parts to create a whole.
here are three pieces of artwork i've created for my home that happen to all involve frames.

dining room.
i took different size wooden sewing hoops, added pretty fabrics and framed them. in the larger hoop i used a fabric from a vintage table cloth that i also used on these dining chairs.
living room.
this piece is my fav. i looked and looked and wouldn't settle until i found the right size piece for above the sofa. i found this fluorescent light box while rummaging through an old house. not for sure what i was going to do with it, i later bought these flowers from chiasso and added the yellow accent paint inside the frame.

i just finished this piece. two white frames surround a peach colored key. i'm adding this same color as an accent in a piece of furniture i've been working on for the bedroom.
if you have been looking at the same colors and need a change, sometimes adding another color to the mix spices things up without having to change much :)


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  1. Love it! And you know I just love the one with the flowers (sigh)