Friday, February 17

my new kicks

just because valentine's day is over doesn't mean you have to put away those super cute girly things, like my new toms. i love them so....

happy friday!

♥. b-real

Tuesday, February 14

valentine's day

happy valentine's day! i just love this cute little commercialized holiday oh so much! we are keeping with our v-day card tradition - yr #3.

after we took our valentine's photo i decide to get a little creative alone with my camera. i learn something new every time i do a little photoshoot!

hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love.

♥. b-real

Friday, February 3

masque noir - pictures

here are the pictures from the 333nye: masque noir party at moca jacksonville. the entire event was fabulous....i'm glad i was able to be apart of it!

mood committee: myself, kelly peck, casie simpson design studiothe conservatorie
photographer: leah macwilliam
cupcakes: sweet by holly

if you missed my past posts on the design concept click here and here.

and lastly, jose and i hanging out in one of the nooks.

♥. b-real