Thursday, December 24

merry christmas

lots of love, b-real


recycled gift wrapping

this year i wrapped all of jose's gifts in paper bags and shipping material that i've been collecting. feels good to save money and recycle. i think they turned out pretty neat....what a lucky man.


Tuesday, December 22

live laugh love

i hope you live laugh and love throughout the holiday season.

2008 handmade ornaments by b-real.


Tuesday, December 15

much needed

"the beauty of life is to experience yourself"
- inspiration from my yogi tea bag

tonight, i took the first of seven hatha yoga classes following the principles of integral yoga.
relaxed, enlightened, clear minded, happy
can't wait for my next class.


Monday, December 14

awww....he's five!

my sweet lil pup is no longer a pup, he had his 5th birthday on saturday! i am thankful to have him in my life. ♥ 4ev.


Wednesday, December 9

pretty flowers

i know, i know. it's snowing in some parts of the U.S. but, here in the sunshine state it's 70 degrees and my flowers are looking better then ever.

this was a trial and error....i planted a lot of plants in this small space when i first moved in and they all died. the area flooded during a heavy rain and had no where to drain. so, i came up with this solution.... i used old bricks, covered the rest with rocks and planted in three clay pots.

i used the rocks on the otherside of the sidewalk with lower plants. we will see how they do after the winter. - fingers crossed-


Tuesday, December 8


handmade by me.


urban facelift

jose entered a design competition called the urban facelift project. the challenge was to give a vacant historic building in downtown jacksonville an urban facelift. the competition was created to open awareness to the public of the potential these buildings have. jose worked long and hard on the project and he won 1st place!!! i'm so proud of him....he is super talented!



if you like what you see and want to see more click here and here.


Friday, December 4

uno peacock feather

so, i had lots of fun with a camera, a tripod, a glass of wine and uno peacock feather.

if you like what you see i have a few more pics here.


Wednesday, December 2

welcome to the holidays