Thursday, May 27

shed competition

jose (my #1 love) entered an emerging design professionals competition. the goal was to design a sustainable shed that could be used as an office on a typical residental lot.

JOSE WON!!! and was presented his award last friday at the 2010 AIA Jacksonville Design Awards Gala. below is his winning project. i'm so proud of him :)

jose and his long time friend john just started a design firm called hota design studio . i know they will do great things.


pajama monsters

today is all about giving some love to my friends and loved ones that are doing great things. i posted a blog a few months ago called "just living". i had lil monsters hiding in one of the pictures. these lil guys are called pajama monsters. they are handmade in the usa, very cute, loveable and each have their own little story.

 vincent is one of my favorite monsters.

check out the pajama monsters website and read the neat story on how they were created. you can also follow them on facebook. oh and they just got their custom designed t-shirts in and i can't wait to get my hands on one, they will be the hottest tees around town.


Thursday, May 20

patio designs

i've been starring at these images for months now....just waiting to start working on my own back patio. i have finally started and love spending as much time as possible outside under the shade of the umbrella. these images have given me inspiration and dreams for the future.

source unknown

source unknown

source unknown

p.s. i hope to post pictures soon of the back patio.


Tuesday, May 11

fun stuff

i have a really bad case of spring fever. i would rather be outside enjoying the beautiful weather - working in the yard, taking hyatt on long walks or sunbathing instead of working. i'm pretty sure i have this feeling every year around the same time, oh oh oh what do i do....i need a very long vaka!

i guess i have to work to do all the things i enjoy, like starting a garden. jose and i designed and built these raised garden boxes. i love watching all the veggies and herb transform and grow. i can't wait to see how they turn out.

these last two photos were taking on one of our walks <3.

so, if you were wondering where i have been, now you know :)