Thursday, February 24

crochet it

i've got to take a few minutes to give a shout out to my mom, she is awesome! she has been crocheting since forever. i remember her sipping on her tea in the evening hours crocheting away in front of the tv. as i've gotten older and have grown to appreciate her talent i now put in a nice little request and wahla, she whips something together. she surprised me with these two pieces.

my new cow-neck's perfect and i love the color. the broach was my great grandmothers and goes quite well.

the table runner she made. she knows me well, i love me some white.

p.s. she is now making me a round rug for my bathroom. i can't wait to see it finished.

hope you have a glorious weekend. i will be working in the yard, the weather is going to be perfect here in florida.


Monday, February 14

happy love love day

lip locking and loads of love letters = happy valentine's day!

i'm starting a new tradition this year. instead of sending out a xmas card each year i will be sending out a valentine's day card instead. below is the first of many more to come.

i whipped this banner together from stuff i had laying around the house. last year i made this one. i guess this will be a new tradition too. i enjoy making them for jose....he loves them (at least i think he does, he better or else).

the black n' white photos below are snow drawings/love notes that jose sent me when he was in snowshoe last week. thought i would add those in because they were so cute. 

it is a little hard to see the all the details in the banner but the little letters on the pink yarn spell out "becky ♥ jose and ♥ hyatt". 

have a beautiful love day.


Thursday, February 10

rockin' it

we are fast approaching my favorite holiday.....valentine's day! it's really hard to go wrong when love and super cuteness is involved.

 my gears are always spinning with new creative ideas...this one was fun times for sure! don't dare think i would limit wearing these heart tights to just v-day :)

rockin' my heart tights and favorite boots!

have a wonderful weekend. i hope you get crafty for v-day, handmade is always more thoughtful then store bought. i've been working on some cute stuff for jose, can't wait to share with you on monday.

ps. as i am writing this post one of my favorite songs came on by florence + the machine, rabbit heart..ooolala.....perfect song for this pic.


Wednesday, February 9

peeky peek

well, i'm happy to report that the vanity is coming along nicely and i am digging it! here is a peek of the finished piece of furniture that will soon be turned into a vanity for my bathroom. this weekend i hope to install the faucet and sink. i guess, i better be super sweet to jose because he will be doing most of the work:)


Friday, February 4

bathroom beauties

since i’m in the middle of a bathroom renovation it only seems fitting to post some of my favorite bathroom images. some vintage, a few modern and always a touch of Oolala. i’ve never been ultra modern or overly vintage/antique, i love a good mix and heart each of these images for different reasons. mixing modern and vintage can be a challenge, one that i love and can’t imagination life without :). clean modern lines combined with soft romantic one of a kind anything is right where i want to be.

bathroom beauties

images from left to right.
image 1 – classic architectural features always make a room. the chandelier is awesome and that yellow dress makes the picture for sure. image 2 – do i really need to tell you why this is one of my favorites? i could lick that wallcovering it looks so good and i heart the frameless antique mirrors. image 3 – digging this modern bathroom. image 4 – my fav. fun and colorful. ahhh, that clawfoot shower i would die for. image 5 – a little rustic is always fitting. image 6 – perfectly put together. liking that vanity. image 7 – can’t go wrong with a clawfoot tub plus all the fun girly prints are perfect. image 8 – mmmm, white on white! i like that mirror, very unique.

i'm counting down the hours until my weekend starts. i hope you all have a beautiful one. xo.