Thursday, February 24

crochet it

i've got to take a few minutes to give a shout out to my mom, she is awesome! she has been crocheting since forever. i remember her sipping on her tea in the evening hours crocheting away in front of the tv. as i've gotten older and have grown to appreciate her talent i now put in a nice little request and wahla, she whips something together. she surprised me with these two pieces.

my new cow-neck's perfect and i love the color. the broach was my great grandmothers and goes quite well.

the table runner she made. she knows me well, i love me some white.

p.s. she is now making me a round rug for my bathroom. i can't wait to see it finished.

hope you have a glorious weekend. i will be working in the yard, the weather is going to be perfect here in florida.



  1. Lucky! Love the scarf & pin!

  2. hey lesley! i see you decided on a blog. can't wait to learn about the artist world through your eyes.

  3. That scarf is so cute! My mom used to make stuff back in the day (those days are gone) ha!

  4. the color of that scarf is perfection! I don't always like the look of crochet, but both those pieces are just right. you're luck to have a crafty mom :)

  5. Wonderful scarf! Does she have a pattern?