Thursday, February 10

rockin' it

we are fast approaching my favorite holiday.....valentine's day! it's really hard to go wrong when love and super cuteness is involved.

 my gears are always spinning with new creative ideas...this one was fun times for sure! don't dare think i would limit wearing these heart tights to just v-day :)

rockin' my heart tights and favorite boots!

have a wonderful weekend. i hope you get crafty for v-day, handmade is always more thoughtful then store bought. i've been working on some cute stuff for jose, can't wait to share with you on monday.

ps. as i am writing this post one of my favorite songs came on by florence + the machine, rabbit heart..ooolala.....perfect song for this pic.



  1. Love the tights, and I've been rocking out to the F&TM album for two weeks now - woot!

  2. such a cute combination! and thanks for your lovely comments!

  3. taylor, f&tm makes me so happy!....i might need to get a copy of that cd from you. let me know when you can meet up.

    TA, thank you for your lovely comments also.

  4. Yes! I will def burn you a copy - lets get together sometime next week. I will message you my number and stuff:)

  5. Love the tights.

    Cant wait to see what surprises you cooked up fpr Jose ;-)