Friday, August 28

plarn yarn

So you’re asking what is Plarn? Well, I was also asking that same question when my mom told me she was watching You Tube videos to learn how to make a material called Plarn. Plarn is made with recycled plastic bags and can be crocheted or knitted into whatever your heart desires. Wonderful idea, right! She made me this awesome water bottle holder.

Plarn + Crochet + My Mom = BADASS

Cruising around St. Augustine with my new water bottle holder.


Wednesday, August 19

love letters

, Every girl needs a special place to keep her love letters. I found my special place in what once was a cardboard book I bought at a craft store a year or so ago. The book opens up with lots of storage for lots of love. I forgot I had the book and happen to run across it while I was looking for some art supplies. I took magazine clippings and paper I had around the house and started decoupaging. The collaged book holds many memories that will last a lifetime.


Monday, August 17

jacksonville, florida

On Saturday night, Jose and I decided to do what usually only the tourist do. We walked around with a camera hanging from our shoulders taking pictures. The residents of Jacksonville should take advantage of our remarkable scenery more often. Our city is beautiful at night.

We walked across the Main Street Bridge

To Friendship Park

Had a hazy moment

And then began our journey back.

Monday, August 10

the passion, the promise

This is a little something I wrote about a special someone which still holds true a year later. I thought I would share.

seeing the world through a different view not your own. opening your eyes, making you believe in yourself. being inspired from an unlikely source. an amazing gift. life changing…..soul searching. confused, looking for something but not knowing. beautiful conversation, one of a kind, a shinning jewel. listening, learning, becoming. wanting more, not settling….creating a path. you're the best i know.


Monday, August 3

my plant stands

There was nothing really spectacular about this plant stand but with a little imagination anything can come to life.

plant stand $7 & a can of spray paint $3 = $10, that was all it took to make a not so unique piece into a custom one of a kind.
As soon as I laid my eyes on this vintage plant stand I had to have it! It was originally white with a few rust spots. Of course, pink fits it perfect.
I must say that the pink heart wheels are my favorite part.