Thursday, April 19

pretty little treasures

the hutch in my dining room was one of the first pieces i refinished and i've been slowly filling it with pretty little treasures.

hope you are having a wonderful's almost the weekend!

♥. b-real

Tuesday, April 17

color scheming

i recently had to have the front porch of my house rebuilt and for some crazy reason i decided to paint the porch myself. eventually i would like to repaint the entire house but for now its just the porch and possibly the front door. do this it has to match what i have now and what i would like for the future...complicated, yes! after last nights color scheming session with jose i think i've made some decisions. stay tuned!

♥. b-real

Friday, April 6

a trip to remember

i'm back from a very awesome and memorable trip to the netherlands and paris! when my friend alicia asked me to join her on a trip to visit family in the netherlands, i could not decline. while planning the trip i found out that florance + the machine (whom i am in love with) would be in paris around the time we would be in the we decided to take the train to paris and wander the city for a few days. here are some of my favorite photos and memories from our trip.


mmmmm....i couldn't get enough of their mint tea. i'm completely obsessed now!
i loved all the beautiful flower markets in the netherlands, they were on every corner.

her family lived in a quint little town called santpoort zuid. they were the most sweetest family! we both agreed that are time with them was our favorite part of the trip. kb would cook three courses meals for us every night and wine, lots of wine! the tastiest food we had during our vacation was kb's dinners. oh and they had the cutest dog named kick and cat named pues that liked to go on walks.

i loved both the new and old architecture in the netherlands....they mix the two so seamlessly. there were very little eye sores. we spent sometime walking around the beautiful vondelpark in amsterdam.
 and i could not stop taking pictures of this herringbone stone was pretty awesome. 

my favorite moment i captured in amsterdam. how cute are these dogs and i just got lucky with the way the tree and buildings behind reflected off the glass.

and now we are in paris! what's not to love.
arc de triomphe
notre dame
the louvre

when in paris, you have to have macaroons and tea! my favorite macaroon was rose petal, so yummy. and alicia well, she was obsessed with her raspberry sorbet.

we found a vegetarian restaurant while walking around paris, so of course, we had to stop and eat!
on our last day, we put a love lock on a bridge in paris.

paris in the evening is quite beautiful.
we had the most magical ending to our trip, on the last night we saw florance + the machine!

and lastly, my favorite photo from paris. jose snuck this sweet card into my suitcase.....i took a picture of it in front of the eiffel tower and sent it to him :).

♥. b-real