Wednesday, January 26

many thanks

brittni at papernstitch has rocked my world by posting my before and after furniture redo’s of the wardrobe and dining chairs i recently posted! i’m super excited and can’t wait to share my future projects with her. 


papernstitch_dining chairs

brittni is the founder of papernstitch. she has the papernstitch blog “where you will find daily inspirations in diy + tutorials, art + handmade, home decor, and more” and also a papernstitch handmade exhibition site where you can find lots of goodies for sale. i would highly recommend checking it out.  thanks again papernstitch! xoxo.

p.s. i just discovered that i have windows live writer and i used it to write this will take some time to get use to it but definitely seems user friendly. does anyone else use windows live writer for their blog?


Tuesday, January 18

sneak peek into my bathroom renovation

i've been talking about my bathroom renovation here and there for the past month so and wanted to give you a little or maybe big sneak peek into my design. i had a major leak and had to replace the entire floor and some walls in my bathroom. i didn't mind at all because my bathroom was never finished when i moved in and i didn't really dig the finishes. so i got my chance to change things up sooner then i thought. the main construction is finished and now with the help of jose we've been painting and installing base....all the fun finishing work.

here is an image board of my thoughts thus far. i can't wait to show you before & after pics soon.

i've taking a few days off of work to focus on the bathroom renovation and just chill....heading back to work tomorrow is a little sad but i got a lot accomplished in two days! i hope you all are having a great week.


Wednesday, January 12

re-post: the dining chairs

good day! i have recently acquired some new followers (muah) so i wanted to re-post this furniture redo i posted in march of last year. i still love these chairs, they are my fav. i also refinished the pink dining table in the pic below....i must say that is one bad ass pink table:)

i love dumpster diving!
these two chairs were one of my greatest finds last year. i found these beauties sitting outside a dumpster and immediately thought they would work great in my dining room.



a little stain, white paint, pink trim and a 1950's table cloth i found at a local antique store made these chairs very girly and very sweet.

i love their french flair......ow la la.


Thursday, January 6

a new year

welp, it's a new year and i feel that the stars are going to align just perfectly in 2011, at least that's what i'm hoping for:) i hope everyone is enjoying their first week of 2011! mine is so so....i don't know what it is but the beginning of a new year is always so hard for me. i need a vacation already!

i wanted to share our fun photo booth pictures from new year's eve. we got all fancy (i can't take credit for that word, i stole it from my friend E) in our 1920's attire for an event at was so much fun! we even entered the building through a side entrance instead of the front we were really going to a speakeasy!

my bf looked extremely handsome...i heart the nerdy look.

and as the night goes on the pictures get more entertaining.
wishing you a beautiful weekend - xoxo.