Wednesday, January 12

re-post: the dining chairs

good day! i have recently acquired some new followers (muah) so i wanted to re-post this furniture redo i posted in march of last year. i still love these chairs, they are my fav. i also refinished the pink dining table in the pic below....i must say that is one bad ass pink table:)

i love dumpster diving!
these two chairs were one of my greatest finds last year. i found these beauties sitting outside a dumpster and immediately thought they would work great in my dining room.



a little stain, white paint, pink trim and a 1950's table cloth i found at a local antique store made these chairs very girly and very sweet.

i love their french flair......ow la la.



  1. Those chairs are beautiful! I've acquired a bunch of used/free furniture for my apartment and I'm definitely looking into doing some reupholstering, for sure!

  2. I actually loved the velvet that was on them before! haha, but your recovering looks great. Was there originally nailhead trim on there? was it hard to get off?

  3. thank you teacup adventure, i can't wait to see what you do with the new place. xo.

  4. thank you for your comment phoebe! the velvet was cool but very worn with lots of stains. yes the trim was originally nailheads and yes it was difficult until i got the hang of it. recovering those chairs were definitely a challenge. i thought about going back with nailheads but it just didn't fit the style i was looking for. xo.