Thursday, January 6

a new year

welp, it's a new year and i feel that the stars are going to align just perfectly in 2011, at least that's what i'm hoping for:) i hope everyone is enjoying their first week of 2011! mine is so so....i don't know what it is but the beginning of a new year is always so hard for me. i need a vacation already!

i wanted to share our fun photo booth pictures from new year's eve. we got all fancy (i can't take credit for that word, i stole it from my friend E) in our 1920's attire for an event at was so much fun! we even entered the building through a side entrance instead of the front we were really going to a speakeasy!

my bf looked extremely handsome...i heart the nerdy look.

and as the night goes on the pictures get more entertaining.
wishing you a beautiful weekend - xoxo.


  1. So much fun spending New Years with you! I wish we had a photobooth on hand all the time...

  2. looks like it was a lot of fun!!!