Friday, December 31

happy happy new year

i love drinking tea that comes with quotes....a little cheesy, yes but it brightens my mornings. yogi tea has the best and i felt like these bits of inspiration were perfect for the new year.

wow, did 2010 go by fast or what. it seems like the older i get the faster time flies. i'm looking forward to 2011 and especially tonight! we are going to a new years eve party at moca (our contemporary art museum) and it's a 1920's speakeasy theme......can't wait to get all fancy!

i wish all my blogger friends a wonderful new year and a fabulous new years eve. see you in 2011. xoxo.



  1. Hi Becky,

    Your new years eve party sounds so fun and exciting! It's Saturday morning here, and New Yr already! :) I am a tea drinker and love little quotes and affirmations. We don't have yogi tea though I like the quotes idea.
    Just wanted to say I've loved following your blog so far, and look forward to all your adventures and projects in 2011! Sonia x

  2. Ooo! That sounds like an AWESOME party! Hope you had fun!