Friday, December 10

holiday wreath

we had our annual industry holiday party last night, we were ask to bring in toiletries to donate to a charity called angelwood. a few interior design firms were also asked to decorate a wreath for each of the angelwood homes. i bribed my coworkers into helping me and i think it turned out super cute. i was inspired by this wreath.

 i started renovation to my bathroom today! i've had contractors in and out of my house all day. i can't wait to show you pics in a few weeks. welp, i hope you have a beautiful weekend. i will be attending holiday party no.2 tomorrow night. cheers!



  1. Those wreaths are sooo becky style!! I am in love with them!!!!!!!!
    Love it!! see you tomorrow night!!! HOORAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jenn Mims

  2. Your wreath turned out fantastic-o! I particularly like the hessian bow and the felt flowers with hand stitching are beautiful too. Sonia :)