Friday, October 28

masque noir

i got asked to be apart of the mood committee for this year's nye party at moca here in jacksonville and of course i said yes! this year's event is named masque noir with a venetian masquerade theme. with a tight budget most everything will be diy and with only two months away we have been brainstorming like crazy. below are my two image/mood boards. the other ladies also had awesome ideas and everyone is on the same creative wavelength! i can't wait to see it all come together. this past week we went further and provided sketches of the areas we are responsible for, i will share those next week.

i asked my friend/future business partner kelly to join the committee with me and these creative girls casiemeredith, amy, danielle and leah...:)

i didn't credit any of the images on my blog but you can check out my pinterest for image credits.

have a wonderful weekend!

♥. b-real