Monday, April 25

bunny love

hope everyone had a wonderful easter. my sunday was a fun filled day with lots of family time.

my mom made my nieces a bunny for their easter baskets. this bunny she did first and changed the pattern because my dad told her the ears looked funny. i loved him more then the one they got so, i stole him! i mean really he is too cute! i couldn't pass up those hott pink dipped ears!

p.s. he has a hot pink bunny tail too.


Friday, April 22

earth day

happy earth day!

everyday should be earth day. mother nature is a beautiful thing. i hope you treat the earth with the respect it deserves.

via: ffffound - artist: andreas fischer

♥. b-real

Thursday, April 21

bathroom renovation

can i get a hell yeah for finally posting pics! it only took me forever to figure out how to take pictures of this tiny space. luckily, my friend brandi came over and saved the day. her camera give us a wider angle and her artistic eye was a huge bonus. i still think the space looks better in person but it is what it is.

 before / during construction

when i moved in i left the bathroom as it was even the shower curtain was in the house when i moved in. i just didn't see the point of putting money into it until i had the opportunity to redo the entire space. well, i got my chance when i found out i had a major leak that caused me to hire a contractor to gut the bathroom. luckily i have connections in the construction world! they repaired all the damage from the leak and installed the tile. jose and i did the rest ourselves. we painted, installed the base, i refinished the vanity, plumbing plus all other finishing details. we did not kill each other but we did come close! the water also leaked into the hallway and closet behind the bath so there is still work to be done that we will attempt to do ourselves.    


i really wanted a long rectangular mirror to expand across the entire space but could not find one i liked or could afford. so in lieu of this i used an assortment of mirrors and painted this stripe that aligns with the tile mosaic in the shower. i do believe i like this option much better!

check out my tord boontje light fixture! i just realized i don't have a full shot of it in this post:(

i re-purposed this piece of furniture. it was white and in my living room. it was just the right size and functions great as a towel rack.

i used a porcelain 24x24 tile + a glass mosaic accent that aligns with the wall of the tub for the floor. on the wall i used the same porcelain cut to 12x24 and inlaid the glass mosaic as an accent to create a band around the space.

get naked baby! i couldn't resisted....tasty suite has some awesome decals!

the light is one of my favorite details in the space. i now can say i have a tord boontje piece! the flowers are delicately made out of metal. not knowing when i order this thing, i would have to assemble myself. it came shipped flat and i had to twist and connect the piece to make the shape i took me quite a few tries.

i'm not a huge fan of the seashell look because i live in florida and they are every where. but when i found these on the beach i was drawn to them because they were not perfect. i like the deteriorating look and the colors were to pretty not to display somewhere in my house.

the cute little round rug over there in the corner was handmade by my mom! i love it!

i got a pair of old white jcpenny curtains for less than a dollar. i liked the ruffles...they remind me of something you would have found in a little girl's room in the 90's. i tea stained them....the color was exactly what i was hoping for! the tie back is from my shower curtain. the shower curtain was made from a set of drapes. to finish off the tie back i sewed a few shiny jewels on.

and the center piece of the bathroom....the vanity. here is a before picture. i had a lot of fun with this piece. it took me quite a few months to find just the right piece of furniture. it fits great in the space and has plenty of storage. it was originally a gold color and it just so was happens that color is an accent in the bathroom. so, when sanding down/distressing i allowed bits of the gold to shine through. i made sure to coat this baby several times to protect the wood top from water and wear. i went with a white porcelain vessel sink, a satin nickel faucet and white porcelain knobs to finish the piece off.

hope you all have a beautiful easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 13

spring trippin'

this spring has been full of a variety of fun mini vacations. i would like to share with you some of my very special memories through my camera lens. 

thumbs up to one of my favorite trips! we rented a house boat with our friends and their two beautiful girls. we cruised around the suwannee river and chilled out for a long weekend with no worries.

dc wasn't on my list of must see places but when our friends asked us to join them for a weekend get away we said why not. dc was a whirlwind of a trip and definitely takes more then a weekend to explore. now that i've been i can't wait to go back and see more but only if its warm :) oh and we had some of the best food ever in dc....yummy! and everyone we met was super nice. oh, and cherry blossoms were gorgeous.

right after the dc trip i headed to orlando with my friend jenny for a little girl time to celebrate her bday. we stayed at this beautiful bed & breakfast. my favorite part of the trip was relaxing on the front porch watching the sun go down with a nice glass of wine in hand. now, maybe 3 years ago i would have said going out and dancing to all hours of the night was my favorite part.....u know what this mean, I'M GETTING OLD and very much loving it!

♥. b-real

Friday, April 1


happy friday!
guess what, this is my 100th post on b-real....happy! pretty cool, right? welp, that's all i got for you today. hope you have a great weekend! 

♥. b-real