Thursday, December 24

merry christmas

lots of love, b-real


recycled gift wrapping

this year i wrapped all of jose's gifts in paper bags and shipping material that i've been collecting. feels good to save money and recycle. i think they turned out pretty neat....what a lucky man.


Tuesday, December 22

live laugh love

i hope you live laugh and love throughout the holiday season.

2008 handmade ornaments by b-real.


Tuesday, December 15

much needed

"the beauty of life is to experience yourself"
- inspiration from my yogi tea bag

tonight, i took the first of seven hatha yoga classes following the principles of integral yoga.
relaxed, enlightened, clear minded, happy
can't wait for my next class.


Monday, December 14

awww....he's five!

my sweet lil pup is no longer a pup, he had his 5th birthday on saturday! i am thankful to have him in my life. ♥ 4ev.


Wednesday, December 9

pretty flowers

i know, i know. it's snowing in some parts of the U.S. but, here in the sunshine state it's 70 degrees and my flowers are looking better then ever.

this was a trial and error....i planted a lot of plants in this small space when i first moved in and they all died. the area flooded during a heavy rain and had no where to drain. so, i came up with this solution.... i used old bricks, covered the rest with rocks and planted in three clay pots.

i used the rocks on the otherside of the sidewalk with lower plants. we will see how they do after the winter. - fingers crossed-


Tuesday, December 8


handmade by me.


urban facelift

jose entered a design competition called the urban facelift project. the challenge was to give a vacant historic building in downtown jacksonville an urban facelift. the competition was created to open awareness to the public of the potential these buildings have. jose worked long and hard on the project and he won 1st place!!! i'm so proud of him....he is super talented!



if you like what you see and want to see more click here and here.


Friday, December 4

uno peacock feather

so, i had lots of fun with a camera, a tripod, a glass of wine and uno peacock feather.

if you like what you see i have a few more pics here.


Wednesday, December 2

welcome to the holidays


Sunday, November 29

i heart sunday's

the end to a much needed break from work and a wonderful weekend with family and friends. i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.

i would like to share with you the cute teacup pin cushion my mom made me for my birthday. she is so crafty.


Thursday, November 19

look at those legs

my lovely dining table was one of the very first pieces i refinished right after moving into my home. i found the table at a local antique store and got to work. i'm currently working on two antique chairs for the ends of the table and an old hutch. i will post pics when i complete....i hope soon :) makes me happy.


Tuesday, November 17

she has done it again.... mom that is. she crocheted this wristlet purse with plarn yarn that she made from bread bags and anything else that crossed her path. ooooo i love it and i have to say, i'm a bit jealous because i don't have one....she made it for her good friend, she loves it too.


cozy asheville

i just recently got cozy in a cabin during a visit to asheville and had a wonderful time. the weather was perfect and the views were beautiful.

the leaves had turned every fall color imaginable.

and the best for last.....awww, the sunset.


Thursday, October 22

I AM 29!

well hello and good morning. i turned 29 today....ooooo, i'm getting old! j/k. the last year of my twenties is here and i am ready! i feel like this year is going to be a good one with even more self discovery. i stayed up until midnight last night just to blow out a candle and make a wish.

well, i'm off to asheville to get cozy in a cabin with great friends and my bf. can't wait to share pictures from my trip with you. hope you have a great weekend!

p.s. jose added the blown heart, which makes this picture even more special.


Wednesday, October 21


well hello. i made a visit to my favorite vintage store to find something i could use as a planter that would fit on my window sill and spotted these.....1950's pyrex butterprint turquoise refrigerator dishes, they work beautifully!


Monday, October 12

lil love notes....

.....make me happy. i just smile when i wake up to one of these. i heart joe-see.


Friday, October 9

o. o. o.

i am so excited, i have to share! ......i did a little thrifting this afternoon and found these wonderful goodies and the best part of all, i spent under $12 for all this! YEA! i will be visiting this store quite often. hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Thursday, October 8

lil turtle

it's thursday! hope you have a great day and enjoy my lil turtle. i had lots of fun taking pictures of him. how could you ever deny a turtle with hearts....cutie!


Monday, September 21


I've been fluttering around like a butterfly from project to project. I just can't seem to finish one before moving to the next. I can't wait to show you what I've been working on....a little furniture refinishing, photography and some home sweet home decorating. I leave you with my butterflies and hope you have a bright and happy week.


Friday, August 28

plarn yarn

So you’re asking what is Plarn? Well, I was also asking that same question when my mom told me she was watching You Tube videos to learn how to make a material called Plarn. Plarn is made with recycled plastic bags and can be crocheted or knitted into whatever your heart desires. Wonderful idea, right! She made me this awesome water bottle holder.

Plarn + Crochet + My Mom = BADASS

Cruising around St. Augustine with my new water bottle holder.


Wednesday, August 19

love letters

, Every girl needs a special place to keep her love letters. I found my special place in what once was a cardboard book I bought at a craft store a year or so ago. The book opens up with lots of storage for lots of love. I forgot I had the book and happen to run across it while I was looking for some art supplies. I took magazine clippings and paper I had around the house and started decoupaging. The collaged book holds many memories that will last a lifetime.


Monday, August 17

jacksonville, florida

On Saturday night, Jose and I decided to do what usually only the tourist do. We walked around with a camera hanging from our shoulders taking pictures. The residents of Jacksonville should take advantage of our remarkable scenery more often. Our city is beautiful at night.

We walked across the Main Street Bridge

To Friendship Park

Had a hazy moment

And then began our journey back.

Monday, August 10

the passion, the promise

This is a little something I wrote about a special someone which still holds true a year later. I thought I would share.

seeing the world through a different view not your own. opening your eyes, making you believe in yourself. being inspired from an unlikely source. an amazing gift. life changing…..soul searching. confused, looking for something but not knowing. beautiful conversation, one of a kind, a shinning jewel. listening, learning, becoming. wanting more, not settling….creating a path. you're the best i know.


Monday, August 3

my plant stands

There was nothing really spectacular about this plant stand but with a little imagination anything can come to life.

plant stand $7 & a can of spray paint $3 = $10, that was all it took to make a not so unique piece into a custom one of a kind.
As soon as I laid my eyes on this vintage plant stand I had to have it! It was originally white with a few rust spots. Of course, pink fits it perfect.
I must say that the pink heart wheels are my favorite part.

Thursday, July 30

proud of....

The older I get the more I can see myself become my parents……a little scary yes but I also think it's beautiful. My mom is more of a friend now and we share the same interest and hobbies. I have always thought I was a bit like my dad….a little rebellious but, with age we tend to slow down, never losing that rebellion, it just matures.

The point of all this is that I’m very proud of what my parents have created for themselves and hope one day my children will think the same of me and my husband.

Last week while they were on vacation I went over to their house and took a few pictures of the greenhouse they built and the beautiful yard my mother has worked so hard to create.

Most of the greenhouse was built out of reclaimed materials they had from rebuilding the house they now live in.

This is Green as Green gets!

This greenhouse is the awesome! Exposed beams, symmetrical and aligned details - a well thought out and meaningful design.

My mom loves to tour me around her garden and yard when I come to visit. I used to think she was crazy but now I love it and find myself doing the same when I have visitors.


Wednesday, July 22

lovely mantel

I love the simplicity of the belongings found on my fireplace mantel. Crate Myrtle branches from my mother’s yard, painted gold in a blue vase offset to one side with 5 votive candles from my sister’s wedding, that expand the remaining length of the mantel. The reflection in the mirror is a piece of artwork that hangs above my sofa.

The lonely Crate Myrtle branch.


Tuesday, July 21

home is where the heart is

It has been a little over a year since I bought my first home….hmmmm, what a feeling. This place is my sanctuary, my peaceful serene – I have grown up and realized what is really important to me. My goals and dreams have been right in front of me, just waiting for the moment that I would slow down and take it all in. I love and enjoy the time I spend at home…..just me and Hyatt (my sweet doggy).


Monday, July 20

the weekend

My Saturday was a blissfully unexpected day. Riverside Art Market, yard & estate sales, a visit to a wonderful little place called Vanderleigh and than lunch & dessert at 3 Layers. Jose and I roamed around Jacksonville meeting the friendliest and most interesting people.

I purchased a basil plant & handmade planter from a friend at the art market, the bright orange trivets I found at an estate sale in Springfield and the white vanity I found on the side of the street while driving around.

On Sunday I spent all day in the yard. I potted some plants – herbs, annuals and a few Jose’s mother gave me.
My weekend was perfect, just a little too short.


Saturday, July 18


Last December I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Asheville, North Carolina on an overnight business trip. I stayed at the Chestnut Street Inn, a lovely Colonial Revival turn bed and breakfast, located in the heart of Asheville’s oldest historic district.

After a day of work, I checked into the quaint little B&B and then headed on foot to downtown. It was getting close to dark and stores were closing. Fortunately, I managed to find a few shops still open. I found this neat little store (I would love to tell you the name but I forgot it), this store was full of just about everything; books, furniture, jewelry and anything else you could think of. It looked a lot like what I would picture my dream boutique to be one day. After looking at everything more than once, I headed to The Kress Emporium, an indoor artist market with tons of homemade crafts and artwork. After an hour or so of shopping, I decided to find my way to the Laughing Seed Café, a vegetarian restaurant that my friends Lindsey and Rick recommend. YUMMY is the only word to describe the Laughing Seed. After a wonderful evening of shopping and eating, I headed back to the Chestnut Street Inn. Of course I did get a bit lost but eventually I found my way back to my cozy room. For the rest of the evening I sat in bed under the covers, watching movies while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. The next morning I woke up to a delicious breakfast cooked just for me and then began my journey back to Jacksonville.

My time in Asheville was short but well worth every second. It was everything I expected and more. It’s is a great city, vegetarian and vegan restaurants, a lively downtown, a community with a belief in local commerce, locally grown food – a small town surrounded by beautiful landscape. A place I could picture myself living one day. I believe I left part of my heart in Asheville and if all goes as planned I will be back this fall to get it.

One of my purchases while in Asheville was this string of butterflies from The Kress Emporium.

It hangs it my dining room as a reminder of my trip.

I love the colors of the butterflies. Pink is perfect in every way!


Friday, June 26

I Passed

….the NCIDQ that is! I am officially a licensed Interior Designer. Just five months ago I thought there would be no way I would have time to study everything I needed to pass. I had two months to study and let me tell you, it sucked! It felt like I was in college again but with a full time job. I had to bail on most of my social activities. It was a very stressful time - mainly because I like to blow things out of proportion, I’ll admit it. But then again, if I didn’t worry it would not be like me. Onto happy thoughts….I can breathe again. A goal for this year accomplished........onto the next.


Thursday, June 18


In college I narrowed down my major selection to three - Interior Design, Graphic Design and Nutrition......for reasons unknown to me I chose Interior Design. But anyway, this is a little of my graphic creativity. I love to create artwork from photos I have taking.

My boyfriend and I were just recently in LA and stayed at the Custom Hotel. I was taking a picture of this artwork in our room and noticed my reflection through the glass.


Saturday, June 13

I Am Ready!

Thoughts running through my head…..moments of inspiration consume me, I can’t let go. Finding what I have been searching for, my passion. I want to inspire and be inspired. I want to be free to create what moves me. I feel confined to this life, I need to break free. I want to feel the excitement like a child…..I am ready!