Thursday, July 30

proud of....

The older I get the more I can see myself become my parents……a little scary yes but I also think it's beautiful. My mom is more of a friend now and we share the same interest and hobbies. I have always thought I was a bit like my dad….a little rebellious but, with age we tend to slow down, never losing that rebellion, it just matures.

The point of all this is that I’m very proud of what my parents have created for themselves and hope one day my children will think the same of me and my husband.

Last week while they were on vacation I went over to their house and took a few pictures of the greenhouse they built and the beautiful yard my mother has worked so hard to create.

Most of the greenhouse was built out of reclaimed materials they had from rebuilding the house they now live in.

This is Green as Green gets!

This greenhouse is the awesome! Exposed beams, symmetrical and aligned details - a well thought out and meaningful design.

My mom loves to tour me around her garden and yard when I come to visit. I used to think she was crazy but now I love it and find myself doing the same when I have visitors.


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  1. What a beautiful 'green' greenhouse. It's funny I've got inherited a love of gardening from my Mum too and when she visits we always spend time gardening together. It's nice to share a hobby.
    The garden looks really lovely!