Wednesday, January 26

many thanks

brittni at papernstitch has rocked my world by posting my before and after furniture redo’s of the wardrobe and dining chairs i recently posted! i’m super excited and can’t wait to share my future projects with her. 


papernstitch_dining chairs

brittni is the founder of papernstitch. she has the papernstitch blog “where you will find daily inspirations in diy + tutorials, art + handmade, home decor, and more” and also a papernstitch handmade exhibition site where you can find lots of goodies for sale. i would highly recommend checking it out.  thanks again papernstitch! xoxo.

p.s. i just discovered that i have windows live writer and i used it to write this will take some time to get use to it but definitely seems user friendly. does anyone else use windows live writer for their blog?



  1. Kickass! I didn't realize she did your chairs too, that's awesome. But then again, YOU'RE awesome so it only makes sense that other people wanna show off your talent!

    I'm curious about this Windows Live Writer that you speak of.

  2. thank you! my biggest supporter i heart you both!

  3. Congrats Becky, you know I'm a fan!

  4. it was my pleasure becky! so glad i was able to show your before and after projects!