Friday, February 4

bathroom beauties

since i’m in the middle of a bathroom renovation it only seems fitting to post some of my favorite bathroom images. some vintage, a few modern and always a touch of Oolala. i’ve never been ultra modern or overly vintage/antique, i love a good mix and heart each of these images for different reasons. mixing modern and vintage can be a challenge, one that i love and can’t imagination life without :). clean modern lines combined with soft romantic one of a kind anything is right where i want to be.

bathroom beauties

images from left to right.
image 1 – classic architectural features always make a room. the chandelier is awesome and that yellow dress makes the picture for sure. image 2 – do i really need to tell you why this is one of my favorites? i could lick that wallcovering it looks so good and i heart the frameless antique mirrors. image 3 – digging this modern bathroom. image 4 – my fav. fun and colorful. ahhh, that clawfoot shower i would die for. image 5 – a little rustic is always fitting. image 6 – perfectly put together. liking that vanity. image 7 – can’t go wrong with a clawfoot tub plus all the fun girly prints are perfect. image 8 – mmmm, white on white! i like that mirror, very unique.

i'm counting down the hours until my weekend starts. i hope you all have a beautiful one. xo.



  1. Some beautiful ideas and images. They drive home just how unattractive my current versions are.
    Have a great weekend. Saturday morning here and hot... I've got to go now and blow up a play pool for the kids. :)

  2. the floral paper in the second image is WONDERFUL. I have limited options with a rented apartment, but we have a little travel theme going with a map shower curtain and postcards on the walls!