Monday, February 14

happy love love day

lip locking and loads of love letters = happy valentine's day!

i'm starting a new tradition this year. instead of sending out a xmas card each year i will be sending out a valentine's day card instead. below is the first of many more to come.

i whipped this banner together from stuff i had laying around the house. last year i made this one. i guess this will be a new tradition too. i enjoy making them for jose....he loves them (at least i think he does, he better or else).

the black n' white photos below are snow drawings/love notes that jose sent me when he was in snowshoe last week. thought i would add those in because they were so cute. 

it is a little hard to see the all the details in the banner but the little letters on the pink yarn spell out "becky ♥ jose and ♥ hyatt". 

have a beautiful love day.



  1. I like the valentine's day card idea... it can be so hard to get one out around the holidays!

  2. ss, thank you.

    ta, plus valentine's stuff is always cute so it makes it more fun.

  3. Super sweet Becky, I love the cards, just like Julia Childs

  4. thank you megan! i googled julia childs and found the pics with the heart and sayings on that what you are talking about?

  5. LOVE this idea. I had heard about how Julia Childs did that and was thinking how much better that would be than for the holidays!