Tuesday, March 23

just living

i get excited to find and create furniture and artwork for my home. i've been here for almost 2 years now and still have tons to do. my garage is packed with furniture i've found....it's just waiting for my tender love and care. i would like to share a few pictures of my living room. most everything in this room has special meaning and lots memories.

i'm a little modern, a little vintage and my house is no different. i like mixing clean modern lines with soft curves, interesting patterns and color color color.

this sofa was such a score! it came from the ladies restroom lounge in a building here in downtown jax. i believe it's from the 70's, it had this awesome bold orange and yellow flower print on it, but was moldy so i decided to get it recovered. i have another one just like it in my garage.   

the artwork behind the sofa was inspired by the white frame i got from an old home downtown that was being cleaned out. i think it's an old fluorescent light box, the long rectilinear shape was what made me think it would be prefect above the sofa. i added some yellow paint and these nifty flowers from chiasso, btw urban outfitters sales these flowers now and they are like $10 more, boo!

those little monster hanging out around the sofa are my friends creation called pajama monsters. stay tuned for more info.

humm, in this little corner we have a great chair i found at a garage sale for $5. i painted the frame a glossy brown and paid to have it upholstered with a funky pink mohair. picked up this table at a local antique store and painted it white. white is so hott right now,  i love the crispness. the artwork i got for a steal of deal at our monthly artwalk.

 well for the most part this is my living room, i hope to show you more of my home as i finish.



  1. YAY Monsters! Did you know that Sean did the huge mural out back at Underbelly? Its flippin sweet.

    I love your house Becky.

    I dont know if we can do tea this week, but next week looks good for sure.


  2. I love it, Rebecky! It looks like a magazine and I am jealous!

  3. thank you ladies! it's good to have friends like you that inspire me.

  4. I am SO glad you posted your blog link on Facebook yesterday! I read several blogs a day, some I've kept up with for 2 years. I love what you do, you've definitely inspired me to do more...I have a creative mind, but rarely put it to use due to working 10 hr days now. I saw a small table outside our community dumpster the other morning driving to work. I wanted to pick it up but was running late. I'm so mad at myself now! :)

  5. yea carrie! its hard to be creative after a long day of work but sometimes it can be relaxing too. thanks for following.