Thursday, November 3

masque noir - part 2

last week i showed you my image boards for masque noir. this week i would like to share mine and kelly's concept for our main area of focus, which are the nooks. there is an intimate little niche under both sets of stairs that look out into the space. we are creating a cozy place for people to come and mingle. 

above is a floor plan which shows two different seating areas. one is using existing benches that the museum has as a base and building on top to create decorative backs for a romantic little get away . the other is an informal space where people can gather. we plan to use tree stumps as stools and high back antique chairs to create an eclectic area for conversation. below are two images that we are using for inspiration.

we are also creating fun layering of textures with fabric that will swoop from the ceiling and recycled glass jars wrapped in yarn and lace that will hold candles. i will share photos and tutorials as we being to create these pieces....stay tuned.

have a beautiful weekend!

♥. b-real

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