Tuesday, November 2


november is now known as movember. movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men's health by growing a mustache to raise awareness and funds for cancers that affect men.

my coworker (kris) and myself enter a contest called tricked out treats. the goal was to design a mask with candy. after giving her a history lesson on how trendy mustaches and beards are (before knowing about movember), we decide to make a mustache and beard mask out of old fashioned shoestring licorice. well, the next day kris emails me an article about movember and somehow the idea seemed so perfect and meant to be that we had to do it. and with november only a few days away, it just worked. we allowed ourselves three hours before the event to create these masterpieces....pretty good for only three hours!

these masks hold very speical meaning. i think kris's husband tom was looking down on us laughing :) i mean, we do look pretty goofy!


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