Friday, July 29

almost forgotten

 i wanted to introduce you to the next project from my long list of things to do this summer. i almost forgot about this beauty....she has been hiding away in my garage just waiting for me to show her some love :)

she was attached to a dresser i found on the side of the road. i put her away in the garage and totally forgot about her until i came across this post. i was so inspired i came home and searched for her. i'm thinking about painting her a kelly green! once finished she will be placed above my fireplace which i'm also redoing this summer. i will keep you updated on her progress. i love repurposing furniture and find joy in doing so. would you be interested in me creating a step by step tutorial?

have a wonderful weekend!

♥. b-real


  1. Yes, oh, yes! Your restorations = adorbs.


  2. thank you donna! stay tuned to see what it becomes.