Friday, July 16

imagination squared

i was lucky enough to participate in an art experiment called Imagination Squared. two artist named christina foard & dolf james had an idea to build hundreds of wood boxes and allow artists to create whatever their heart desired. their mission - "we aim to showcase the importance of arts in education (and life) by giving a stage to the collective creative momentum happening in jacksonville". once the squares were turned in they began to create a huge grid to hang in a public location. they just announced that the squares will be placed at the museum of contemporary art (moca) here in jacksonville. click here to see all of the amazing squares.

below is my square. titled - there is no place like home.

 inspiration began with my red shoes and from there it just all came together. i took photographs of the images and layered them at different heights with foam core. i had so much fun doing this and can't wait for the opening night. more pictures to come.


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