Wednesday, July 7

oh baby

it seems like everyone around me is having babies! i guess it goes with the age ;) it gives me an excuse to buy cute baby stuff and help decorate. my dearest friend is having her second child. the little no named (yet) baby girl is expected to enter our world any day now. her sister went all out for her baby shower and i got to help!

mama peck

kelly's favorite color is green so we did lots of limes, a few lemons and simple single stem flowers as the center pieces. crisp, clean with the right amount of color. i am pretty sure kelly loved everything!

the mojito and mamajito table was a hit and perfect for that hot summer day.

we made these tissue-paper balls and hung them over the tables in a staggered pattern to mimic chandlers.

and last but not least miss avery, so excited to be a big sister.


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  1. So cute! I want to know how to make thoes little fluffy balls :-)