Wednesday, March 30

displaying memories

although i keep my fondest memories close to my heart, i have a tendency to collect the things that help make those memories even more special. such as my very first love letter, my cross country and track ribbons, concert tickets….you name it i’m sure i still have it. i even have my strawberry shortcake doll from the 80's, my very first blankie (that has been everywhere with me, it has even been to Italy) cute little hair pins i use to wear (and still do) and even the jewelry i had as a little girl. these are the things i could never part with, they have made me who i am today.

when i first moved into my home, jose, that was "just my friend" at the time, came over to hang out. after a few cocktails i had a brilliant idea to pull out my memory box to share with him all the things i’ve collected throughout the years. i will never forget that night. he was so enamored by all this stuff i've collected. we started talking and talking and at some point that evening we came up with the idea to start a memory wall. three years later i’ve finally filled that memory wall with recent memories. it was intended to be ever changing but now that it is filled i don’t want to remove what i’ve added. maybe i will start another one on a different wall in my dining room! but before i do, i would like to share with you some of my very special memories and how i currently have them displayed.

the artwork is made up of little things that jose has made me, places i've been or anything i've done that was memorable.

aww, i love this picture that jose sketched of the very first dinner i had at my house. i invited one of my best friends ashley and jose over for dinner. jose gave this to me the next day....he remember every detail of that evening. this was before i painted the table pink!

so, to make yourself a memory wall all you need is two drawer pulls, wire and clips to attached your memories to the wire. and then you have yourself an original piece of artwork!

i haven't been posting as much or keeping up with my blogger friends like i want to because i've been having so much fun! :) spring is here and i've been working in the yard, planting a garden, going to the beach and went on a couple weekend trips. so much to do with little time to do it all! if i get a chance this week i will share with you pictures from the trips. and i'm going out of town again this weekend....just a little overnight trip for a friends bday. so, i've been busy busy but promise i will post pics of my bathroom soon! it's done and lookin' all awesome and stuff just waiting for me to take some photos. hope you have a beautiful week!

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  1. What a great idea with the memory wall. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your collection of items. How romantic of Jose to sketch a picture of your first dinner at your place. It's great.
    Glad to hear you're busy and having fun, but when you do get a minute, I can't wait to see your bathroom finished.
    Have a great week Bec! x

  2. You will be crazy collecting when you have kids! You will have to have a lot of wall space!

  3. What a sweet way to display your memories & an easy way to change them out, if you're so inclined. Love, love, LOVE the little dinner sketch by Jose!

  4. thank you for your beautiful comments ladies! xo.

    surviving suburbia - i'm sure i will be even more crazy about collecting when i have kids. i'm very lucky because some of the stuff i have today was because my mom saved it for me.

  5. I love this and have been looking for that EXACT system to hang my memories! Where did you get it?!

  6. hi kim. thank you. i made the display with two cabinet knobs and thick flexible wire...i got the wire from a hardware store. the hooks i used to hang the pictures are from ikea.