Friday, March 18

treasure hunting

today is a beautiful day! i'm in a super happy mood and it's friday!
i would like to share with you some of the awesomeness i've found during my recent treasure hunting adventures. oh the joys of treasure hunting. i have become addicted in these past few years. i have found tons of vintage linens, household items, furniture and some great fashion accessories that i have been collecting to hopefully start a little side project...maybe make a little money and save for bigger and better things that i know will come my way. i have lots of ideas and dreams, oh do i dream. but dreaming is what keeps us alive, right? i dream that one day i will break the chains of my mundane 9-5 job and be surrounded by everything i love...i can visualize that cute little place that makes me happy like it was right here in front of me. i want to wake up in the morning excited about the workday. but, i do believe that for now my rountine job as an interior design is giving me the tools i need for future endeavors and leading me on a path to greatness. or so that's what i am telling myself :)

these are a few of my favorite finds that i don't think i could ever part with. see now that is a problem, i find a lot that i can't part with! willy the brass whale is so cute sitting on my fire place, my anne ophelia dowden's 1969 print signed by her in 1970, this little lamb makes a perfect planter and my childhood favorite strawberry shortcake - tin from 1981 (i still have my strawberry shortcake doll from the 80's!). welp, i hope you think they are as cute as i do.

you know so i've been told that sometimes on the way to a dream you get lost and find a better one.

♥. b-real


  1. love the print! we had all these nature-y/ almost scientific type plant prints in the house growing up, and I'm angling to get a few for my apt.! have a great weekend!

  2. Your whale is delightful and would definitely be a keeper for me, and like the strawberry shortcake tin.
    Good luck with being in your perfect job, it seems you're well on your way.

  3. thanks teacup adventure.

    raine and sage, i don't know if any job is ever perfect. but we can try, right!

  4. I love that whale and I love treasure hunting too :-)