Wednesday, September 21

hello there

hello there….i’ve been in a bit of a funk and haven’t done much of anything creative lately. but i'm still here, now refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things.
since we last talked i’ve been super busy with birthdays, babies and weddings...i guess it goes with the age.

i have also been taking care of a stray dog that i fell in love with. i finally found him a foster home where he will be given lots of love until someone adopts him.

jose and i had our 3 year anniversary ♥.

lastly we took a much needed vacation.
we borrowed our friends pop-up like last year and headed to north georgia and the coast of south carolina for a little relaxation!

and in the middle of all this a few opportunities came my way that i’m very excited about. one of them was being asked to be a part of the mood committee for this year’s nye party at moca of jacksonville. i think joining this creative group of ladies is exactly what will pull me out of this funk. i will share more later :)

hope you are doing great and having a wonderful week.

♥. b-real


  1. Happy Anniversary! So glad you found that adorable dog a foster home.

  2. Happy Anniversary. You guys are so cool hiring a pop up van for your holiday.
    My being in reno mode ALL the time gave me a funk big time! Feels like a million years ago I revamped a piece of furniture.

  3. So awesome! You will do a great job setting the nye mood :)