Thursday, September 22

rearranging and such

i have a tiny little living room and didn't see much opportunity to rearrange until......i was having a conversation with my friend kelly and i got this crazy idea to change it up. and oh my i just love it! so i thought i would share a few special pics from the living room.

i love the "new" feeling i get after rearranging a space. it makes me so happy to be in the "new" room. my house is my favorite place to be and i like to keep things fresh and new. do you get this feeling when changing things up at your house?

well two post in one week is big time for me....see you next week. have a great weekend.

♥. b-real


  1. I love that new feeling too! I get that way just by cleaning (which doesn't happen very often...) The room looks great!

  2. It all looks gorgeous - such great colours everywhere - and great furniture too! Enjoy the weekend. x

  3. looks extra cozy!! love it!
    jenn mims

  4. Fabulous! The colors are amazing! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx