Thursday, May 5

the cat's meow

we (me and my co-worker kris) entered a design competition called cocktail couture. this year the theme was 1920's and we had to design a hat or purse or both. we were given a bag filled with manufacturer materials and required to use one of each. the materials ranged from carpet to you have to get pretty creative in figuring out how to use each piece. we were also allowed three embellishments.

after all entries are in and votes have been tallied they throw a fabulous party to announce the winners and raffle off each design. well this year we WON people's choice.....pretty awesome right!!

below are some pictures of the cat's meow.

♥. b-real


  1. they look incredible! congratulations!

  2. perfection! you guys did a great job!

  3. Wow Bec - Congratulations!!! You'd never guess what they were made of, if you had not said so. Very, very creative.