Thursday, May 19

urban facelift - dos

jose enter another emerging design professionals competition. this one was for a project called the urban facelift.  here is a summary of what the project is all about - "the purpose of the urban facelift project is to inspire property owners, business owners and the overall community by showing a building’s possibilities as seen through the eyes of the designer. the facelifts were originally presented as down and dirty four to five hours design charettes that offer a design freedom not usually possible with client interaction. the urban facelift project gives the designer unlimited freedom to push the proverbial design envelope. buildings are transformed into whatever the designer can imagine".

you might remember me posting this edp competition he won last year.

this year he did not win but i of course thought his design was the best! he has some mad skills and i can't wait for the day when we can design a home together. below is a before & after photo of his entry. if you are curious here are the other entries (there were a few different buildings they could choose from).

hope all my blogger buds are having a wonderful week.

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  1. What an interesting design. I bet you can't wait to design a house together. You'll be a great team! Have a great weekend! I'm glad it's Friday I must say.